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Terra Nova is a contaminated site and waste management services company specializing in site decommissioning, environmental remediation, and material handling. As a leader in the environmental field, we have the industrial and regulatory expertise to assist property owners, ICI markets, and developers with all of their environmental projects.

Our strength lies in our most valuable resource; our people. Terra Nova’s staff transitions projects from design to execution using a multidisciplinary focus. We pride ourselves on maintaining an honest and open discussion with the project team to facilitate the successful completion of projects on-time and on-budget. Our corporate goal is to exceed client expectations and our success is measured by our client-based relationships.


Terra Nova is a privately owned company with its management actively involved in all projects. These individuals oversee every project from inception through to completion. Terra Nova’s staff and field crew have been active in the site decommissioning industry for over two decades. With these years of experience comes an environmental services company with knowledge‐based solutions and practical experience. Based in Ontario, our staff is able to provide a succinct understanding of regulatory conditions coupled with the ability of a full‐scale environmental services firm. 


Terra Nova strives to be a leader in the environmental services industry by implementing innovative ways to remediate soil and groundwater. These methods include onsite treatment utilizing in-situ and ex-situ applications. 

Terra Nova has mobile ECA’s for in-situ and ex-situ treatment by delivering oxidants, reducing agents and bio-augmentation additives through traditional material handling and delivery techniques. With over 100 different amendments on our approvals, we provide our clients with the ability to design any formulation for their soil and groundwater remediation projects. Typical amendments include: 

• Hydrogen Peroxide 

• Persulfates 

• Permanganates 

• KB-1 Dechlorinator 

• Regenesis Products 

• Provectus Products 

• Peroxychem Products 

• Zero Valent Iron 

• Surfactants and Tracers 

• Powder Activated Carbon and BOSS products 

• Emulsified Oils 

• Carbon Substrates 

In addition, Terra Nova has a solidification ECA that allows for the stabilization of slurries and sludges for solid waste disposal as opposed to costly liquid disposal. This permit allows us to be able to handle liquid soils and their proper reuse or disposal. 

Contaminated Site and Waste Management Services

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